Pahlawan Domestic

Date & Time

Saturday, 23 Oct 2021 until Sunday, 24 Oct 2021

Start: 08:00

End: 22:00

The Suku Bali Soft Opening

What do the words "hometown hero" mean to you?

To our family members at The Suku Bali, a hometown hero– a Pahlawan Domestic– is a brave individual who lives, works, and sacrifices to protect what is important to their community. Never one to back down from a challenge for the greater good, they stand up for their loved ones and lift up their people. They have firm convictions, an unyielding spirit, and are present for those in need when others fail.

The Suku Bali was born out of this spirit. As the Balinese economy is 60% dependent on tourism, our home island and the communities who support it have suffered deeply during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We believe that our community is our wealth. We are stronger together, and so we're bringing together a collection of hometown heroes to send our message out to the world.

We aren't just a restaurant or event space - we're built different. We aim to be a hub for good intentions in Ubud and beyond. Whether for farmers, musicians, chefs, or artisans, The Suku Bali is a Third Space for talented hometown heroes to have their ideas amplified.

*Important considerations prior to buying your General Admission pass*

  • COVID-19 aware health and safety measures will be in place
  • A proof of vaccination before entering the event will be mandatory
  • If a proof of vaccination is not applicable, you are required to show a negative Antigen / PCR test of the last 24 hrs upon entering the venue
  • There is a testing station available should you want to do a swab antigen test (not inclusive in ticket)
  • You must show your ID upon receiving your General Admission pass on the venue and must match with the name on the pass
  • General Admission pass is non-refundable
  • For everyone's safety, once exited, re-entering is not allowed.
  • As we are minimising single use cups during the event, please bring your own. If you don't you are required to make a deposit for a cup and your deposit will be returned if you return the cup.
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed
  • No camera's allowed inside the venue during the event
  • No photos are allowed in the venue during the event, you will be required to store your phones in one of our lockers or rent a sleeve during the event
  • Parking: As our space is limited, you will be directed to a designated parking area, where you will be taken into a shuttle to our venue.

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